Pearl River

Pearl River is a range of fine instruments producing the ultimate in rich tone and responsive touch.
combining the select materials with a well-acknowledged design and technological expertise, Pearl River offers uprights and grands in a variety of sizesfinishes and cabinetry, all built to perform beautifully for everyone from beginning students to accomplished pianists. 

Traditional Series
Upright Pianos
Grand Pianos
European Series
Upright Pianos
Prestige Series

Be aware of the high notes, of the blissful melodic phrasing and their soft messages, a highly decorated gift by Pearl River latest advancement in piano crafts.

PR 2.0 Hammers
Prestige Series models feature premium PR 2.0 hammers.
Hornbeam hammer wood cores

The hammer wood core is made of rare hornbeam, heightening aesthetic veneer visuals, and offers stable performance under heavy use. It ensures a rich expression during concerts and performances.

Upright Pianos
Grand Pianos